Welcome To Kirschner’s Custom Upholstering

Commercial Upholstering Shop and Custom Upholstering/Reupholstery in Chicago

Welcome to Kirschner’s. Our shop offers commercial furniture reupholstery and custom furniture repairs for individual and commercial clients in Chicago. Our works include repairs for homes, restaurants, bars, hotels, apartments, and almost all types of clients from different social and business backgrounds. When you need a reliable and expert team to handle all your upholstery and furniture repairs, we are the top company to call in Chicago. Our rates are affordable and we have the best and most experienced upholstery craftsmen in the industry.

Drop by our shop to see some of the actual upholstering and repairs we’re doing and to check how our expert furniture repair and reupholstery team handles each project they get. Whether it’s your favorite chair, a sofa for your living room, or furniture for your business in Chicago, our shop is certain that we can handle all your custom reupholstery and furniture requirements.

For all your inquiries about commercial furniture upholstering, custom reupholstery, and furniture repairs in Chicago, please CALL our shop TODAY at 773-631-3911. We have full service upholstering for new furniture, custom reupholstering for old pieces, and custom furniture repair services for all types of furniture including arm chairs, bar stools, couches, and antiques.